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About Murray Physical Therapy

  • Respect People
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It is our distinct pleasure and privilege to provide world-class physical therapy and training services throughout the Honesdale area, Wayne County and beyond. Our passion is helping people like you to live life their way, in comfort and confidence… to do more of what they live for!

Our Physical Therapy knowledge and training is world-class. Our approach is scientifically based but individually minded. Our style is hometown relaxed and personal. Our services are highly specialized and skillful. Our reason for being here is you.

Matters of trust, value, and excellence are important to us, as is your safety, success and satisfaction.

Our promise is simple… “We will treat you like the Pros and care for you like family. You will feel good about coming in to us and great about yourself when you leave.”

We invite your call to schedule an appointment to our Honedale clinic, or to simply get your questions answered.

We are here to help and ready to serve.


Doctor of Physical Therapy

P.S. You are always welcome to “stop by our shop” to ask a question, learn about your options, ask for help, or simply say, “Hey”. It would be a privilege to share our passion with you.